Oct 20, 2006

Oct 18, 2006

An easy way to shop for draperies.

When shopping for draperies, they're a few things to look for in your selection. First, you should have a color, style or look in mind. The standard style is pinch pleated, but there are so many different styles and looks, these days, it may be fun to try something new. Here are few new styles to look for; tab tops, clip tops, pocket tops, grommet tops, tie tops and a puddle look for the bottom of the drape.

When deciding on a color or texture, you need selection. Next, find a good source that can provide a great selection of colors, styles and textures. Perhaps, www.factorydirectdrapes.com. Once you have found a good source, ask for fabric samples in the colors you are looking to put in your home. Samples will help eliminate the statement, "this isn't what I ordered". Once you have received your samples, match them up with the colors in the room the drapes are going to be hanging in. This will help build confidence, as well as help you visualize what the drapes are going to look like.

Now that you have made a decision on your drapes or curtains, it is now time to measure. Correct measurements are important because you can order your drape, hang your drape and find out that it is to short or to long. A beautiful drape can be wasted on incorrect measurements. So when you are ready to make your purchase, contact your drapery company and ask them how you should measure. This will ensure you getting a beautifully hand crafted, custom fitted drape.


Oct 12, 2006

Factory Drapes
There are many reasons for purchasing Custom Drapes or Cyrtains directly from the manufacturer. Here are just a few major reasons:

First of all there is Price. By dealing with the manufacturer, you can eliminate the “retail” middleman. Most middlemen will mark up the drapes and curtains to make a profit. Your best bet is to find the drape manufacturer who will let you purchase from them. This automatically generates savings for you on your curtains.

There is customer service that can be provided for you from the manufacturer. No “storefront” middleman can answer your questions regarding drapes directly and precisely. They do not have all the details and specifications on the draperies you intend on purchasing. Through the manufacturer, if there is anything you need to know; you can get your answers right away and not get the run-around.

The selection of curtains is also in your favor when dealing direct with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will have a wider selection of drape and curtain products, styles and colors. Home improvement centers offer a limited selection and carry product lines that they like and think will sale.

Manufacturers can also provide customers better finishing times and delivery. They can also maintain better quality that you expect from your drapery distributor.

These are just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to purchase from a manufacturer.

For a more information go to http://www.factorydirectdrapes.com/ or call Factory Drapes of Union City, California; your factory direct window covering specialists 886.713.7273.


Oct 11, 2006

Factory Drapes

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