Feb 27, 2012

Choosing Fire-retardant Drapes for your Home

While all commercial spaces need to meet strict fire codes, homeowners don’t have such restrictions. Common sites requiring fire-retardant window treatments include any public domains such as schools, colleges, senior housing, theaters and stages, meeting halls, churches etc. One of the most flammable fire accelerators in any home are fabrics like upholstery, bed sheets, curtains and drapes that’s why it is worth investing in fire retardant drapes to protect your homes and family.

All of the Fire-Retardant drapery fabrics by FactoryDirectDrapes.com are inherently fire-retardant (IFR). Unlike fire-retardant fabrics (FR) which is treated with fire retarding chemicals and loses it’s fire-retardancy after washing, inherently fire retardant fabrics have fire retardant threads that’s woven in it. This means that it will remain sufficiently flame retardant for its lifetime even after repeated washings.

Visit FactoryDirectDrapes.com and choose from our wide selection of beautiful fire-retardant fabrics in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, lined, unlined and sheers.

Also, ANY drape fabric we carry can have an inherently fire-retardant lining attached to it. Consider flame-retardancy before choosing your fabric especially if it's for a nursery or bedroom.

For more information on drapery fabric flame retardancy regulations, please visit the National Fire Protection Association website at http://www.nfpa.org.

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Feb 24, 2012

Dollar Discount Days at FactoryDirectDrapes.com

Take advantage of these dollar discount codes and save extra on our already low factory direct prices at FactoryDirectDrapes.com! This means additional savings on all of our custom drapes in every style or fabric, rods and accessories! Shop now! Limited time offer only. Good through Feb. 27, 2012

Feb 16, 2012

President's Day 2012 Special

President’s Day Sale! Now through Feb. 21 save 50% off on all our custom drapes in all styles and fabrics plus get a FREE traverse rod with your order.
Promo code: 50fr0212
(Limit to one FREE traverse rod for the “smallest drape size” per order)

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Get your home ready for spring

Spring is only a few weeks away so it’s not too early to start getting your home ready for the new season. Here are 5 quick spring cleaning tips:

  1. Clean your yard from dead leaves, flowers, shrubs and twigs. Remove weeds and mow your lawn. Clean pavers and step stones using power washers.

  2. Remove dark, heavy drapes and replace with lighter, neutral colors to make rooms look bigger and brighter.

  3. Plant new flowers in your backyard garden.

  4. Swap heavy blankets and quilts for a lighter weight bedding. Wash all dirty beddings and store them carefully preferably in a vacuum sealed storage bags to protect against insects and moths.

  5. Clean curtains and drapes. Don’t forget to clean your windows too!

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Feb 13, 2012

How long should drapes or curtains be?

The majority of windows in homes are actually custom sizes. That is why ready-made drapes rarely fit your windows. Investing in custom drape is very important because each drape can be made into the width and height of your windows. To determine how long your drapes should be, consider the look you want to create in the room.

In order to provide sufficient privacy and to reduce incoming light, drapes should hang 6”-8” past the bottom of the window casing. To create a casual feel to a room, drapes should hang down to 1” above the floor or carpeting. Long drapes can totally transform a room. Too-short of a drape can seem off, like high-water pants. Make sure the drapery rod is mounted at least 4” – 6” on top of the window Measure the height of the drapes from the top center of the rod to where you want it to hang then round off.

Floor to ceiling drapes are drapes that hang from the ceiling and barely touch the floor or pool to the floor. This adds the illusion of height especially on a low ceiling room. If you prefer your drapes to puddle, add 6” of additional fabric to your length. Puddle drapes can look romantic and elegant but is high maintenance. Generally we only recommend puddling for decorative drapes. If your drapes are going to be opened and closed regularly, puddling is not recommended as the bottoms of the drapes will get dirty very quickly or even ruined.You may not also want your drapes to puddle if you have pets like cats or dogs who will most likely lie or roll on top the pooled fabric.

Visit factorydirectdrapes.com and click on How to Measure for step by step directions on measuring for width and height of your drapes. You can also visit our Video Resource Center for a video on “How to Measure for Drapery” Our customer service representatives are also available M-F 8am – 5pm PST to answer any questions.

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Feb 9, 2012

Tie Top Drapes and Curtains

Tie top drapes and curtains create and casual, modern styling that fits beautifully into a variety of decors. As the name of this style implies, the drapery is literally tied to a stationary decorative rod with shoestring, self-fabric ties reinforced into the top of the drapery. The ties tend to add a delicate, but informal, comfortable feel that draws attention to the top of drape while showcasing and accenting a decorative rod or the window trim. The ties can be tied to the drapery rod like a shoelace or in any number of ways and work nicely as functional panels when used with rings. Since they do not open and close as easily as pinch pleated drapes, we recommend it for stationary applications.

All of our Tie Top Drapes and Curtains are HAND MADE IN AMERICA
by our experienced seamstresses who’s been with our company for more than 20+ and 30+ years!
Our fabrics come from textile manufacturers in the US and are available in different patterns and color to complement your decor. Our Tie Top Drapes and curtains come in three major styles: Lined, Unlined and Sheer. Blackout/insulated lining option is available for superior privacy and insulation. It is constructed with 150% fullness and made with 8” ties that provide its unique simplistic style. Every step of the process from fiber to fabric to manufacturing your drapes takes place in the US! We provide lifetime warranty on all of our work. Visit us today at FactoryDirectDrapes.com!

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Feb 2, 2012

FactoryDirectDrapes.com’s Video Resource Center

If you haven’t visited our Video Resource Center, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information about drapes and decorating in general. FactoryDirectDrapes.com’s Drapery Resource Center includes over 10 short instructional videos designed to help you, our customers with common questions such as how to measure for drapes, assist in various steps of the decision making process and highlight some of our most popular drapery styles. As a result of decades of experience in drapery industry, we have learned that breaking information down into short instructional videos enhances understanding and makes information easier to absorb.

Visit our Video Resource Center today and let us guide you through a wide range of topics such as measuring and the benefits of insulated drapes and lined drapes. We also feature informational videos tailored to our hotel, motel, and hospitality customers along with our resellers, decorators and contractors.

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