May 6, 2009

7 Easy Steps to Choosing Custom Draperies

One of the most influential ways to enhance the interior appeal in your home lies with custom drapery. There are several factors which should be considered such as privacy, color options, the amount of natural lighting in the room, and the cost, just to name a few. Of course, buying directly from Factory Direct Drapes™ can save you tons of money and time.

Here are seven easy steps to help you when choosing custom draperies that are sure to please:

1. Choose a style of drapery that matches your taste. Do you like the classic and functional appeal of Pinch Pleated draperies or do you prefer the modern, clean look of Grommet draperies? Do you live in a city loft where a contemporary feel is desired or are you looking for a homier feel? There are many different styles, each with their own appeal and benefits.

2. Choose a fabric color and either a plain or patterned fabric. Do you want to blend with your décor or stand out? Use our Virtual Room Designer to help you decide. By using our Virtual Room Designer, you can experiment with different wall colors, flooring, furniture colors, and more. You can also order free fabric samples by mail.

3. Decide on whether or not you will need Insulated drapes. Insulating your draperies with lining increases the weight of your drapes making them hang better, in addition to preventing cold air from entering a room in the winter and keeping warm air out in the summer. Insulated lining can also be used to block light out of a bedroom, for those that like to sleep in, or in the city where there’s a lot of outside light from street lamps and traffic. Insulated draperies can also mute outside noises.

4. Decide on whether or not you would like to add a layer of Sheer draperies for privacy and light control. Sheers draperies are an excellent way to allow filtered light into your room while leaving your drapes open. By adding sheers under your drapes, light comes in and you still have privacy. Sheer draperies provide a classic, rich, and custom appearance.

5. Decide if you want to top off your draperies with a custom valance. There is absolutely nothing better to top off, finish or highlight your drapes as nicely as a beautiful valance. Pinch Pleated valances easily "blend in" above the drape; yet provide custom elegance and sophistication. Scarf valances are "free form" valances that create clean pleat lines and a graceful, flowing appearance.

6. Measure your windows. See our Drapery Measuring Instructions for a detailed explanation. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us. We are here to help.

7. Choose appropriate rods for your style of drapery. You may need a traverse or decorative rod system. You may also need tie-back or ring clips. Traverse rods work best with Pinch Pleated draperies, however Pinch Pleated draperies can also be hung on a decorative rod using ring clips, creating a contemporary look. If you are adding a layer of sheer draperies or a valance, keep in mind that you may need an additional or double stacked rod with the appropriate hardware. When in question don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Custom draperies will add a finished look to your room and also provides functional benefits such as insulation. Ordering custom draperies from Factory Direct Drapes™ is an easy, cost-efficient way to add value to your home and enhance your interior space.

Since, 1954, our family has taken great pride in furnishing our customers with outstanding well made products. When it comes to quality and value, we truly believe you cannot find any better drapes than the ones we literally “hand craft” here in America. Visit us at

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