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Sep 28, 2011

Dress up your window on a budget

Are you on a budget but still want to dress your window in luxury like a hotel or a model home?

Drapes are among the most versatile of window coverings because they come in many sizes, styles, patterns, colors and textures. With so many choices available, it’s best to select your window treatment style and materials by how well they fit with your overall design theme and style of your home.

Drapes can add that luxury high-end feeling to your room without breaking the bank. Along with beauty and elegance, they have their practical side as well. Drapes can add substantial insulation value, especially when lined. Drapes also have the ability to create the illusion of more space in a room. If you want to make your window appear larger, brackets for drapes should be placed 3” – 6” outside the frame. This will make your window look bigger and allow for more natural light to enter your room when your drapes are open. If your window is too wide, break up the space by hanging several panels across the window. They can hang straight, or be tied back in pairs. To create a sense of height in a room, hang your drapes high just below the crown molding. This will make the ceiling seem higher. You may hang drapes anywhere from right above the window frame to just below the crown molding, depending on your taste.

At, you can eliminate the cost of interior designer by measuring and installing the window treatments yourself. We have hundreds of fabric options, as well as numerous window treatment styles at up to 80% retail! Since 1954 FACTORY DIRECT DRAPES™ has specialized in drapery, curtains, and valances well known for high quality craftsmanship and long lasting durability. Our products are proudly Hand Made In America and we provide a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Choose from our wide variety of drapes, curtains, and valances and dress your window in style!

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Sep 27, 2011

Blackout curtains may prevent cancer and more.

Adding blackout drapes in your bedroom may help protect you from cancer according to the researchers from University of Haifa (

Studies have shown that women who work grave yard shift have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Light exposure during night disrupts the production of the hormone melatonin, which is essential to get deep restorative sleep and may protect you from diseases like cancer.

Blackout drapes or room darkening drapes are similar to what you find at most hotels and motels. They are effective in eliminating unwanted light from entering a room. Making your room as dark as possible while you sleep signals your brain to release the hormones melatonin. Additionally, turning off TV, radio, computers and other electronic devices will greatly enhance your good night sleep. offers blackout drapes in different colors of white, brick, burgundy, cream, hunter, royal, sage, tan and taupe at competitive prices which make it easy and affordable for you to install it in your bedroom. Additionally, any drape fabric we carry at can have a blackout lining attached to it. So, dress your bedroom windows with black out drapes for a healthier sleep.

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Sep 23, 2011

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Sep 20, 2011

Replacing your Drapes Part II

4) Using a retractable metal tape measure, measure the front of the rod only across the front tip to tip for width. Do not include in your measurements the brackets at the ends of the rods and overlaps in the middle. Use this measurement as the width to order or purchase new drapes.

5) Determine how long you want your replacement drapes. This is an aesthetic decision. You want to balance the height of the perceived window (and the drape becomes part of the window) with the rest of the room. Place your tape measure on the top center of the rod down to where you want the drape to hang. On custom drape rods, place the tip of your tape measure on the top of the clip beneath the rod down to where you want the drape to hang. In order to adequately cover the window to provide incoming light reduction and privacy, measure 4” past the bottom of the window casing. If you would like your drapes to hang down to the floor from your “custom rod” place the tip of your measurement tape at the top of the clips beneath the rod down to 1” above the floor or carpeting. To have your drapes hanging from the ceiling down to just above the floor or carpeting, place the tip of your measuring tape at the top of the clips beneath the rod down to 1” above the floor or carpeting. Use this measurement as the height for your new drapes.

6) Choose custom-made for your replacement drapes. Unlike ready-made drapes, custom-made drapes are created to your specifications so your treatments fit your window and style. Most designers advocate having drapes custom-made because with ready-made drapes you're not only limited in sizing, they are also not as full or rich-looking and may not be lined. At you can choose any fabric, colour and drape styles for your custom-drapes at up to 80% off savings. You simply won't find lower price custom made drapes, curtains and valances online!

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Sep 19, 2011

Replacing your Drapes Part I

New drapes for your home can dramatically change the overall appearance of a room, adding color, softness and style. Drapes are a great investment to beautify your home. Make sure you're making the right choices in terms of function and style. Replace drapes to modernize your space, make it more energy efficient or coordinate with new furniture and paint. Depending upon the choices you make, you can replace drapes and hardware, just drapes, or even add accents or panels to change the look of your current window treatment.

1) Look around your room and determine whether your style is more traditional or more modern. You would want to pick a drape style that would complement your new room decor and color scheme.

2) Replace your hardware if you change the style of drapes. You should try to match drape rods to complement your drape and somewhat match the design theme and style of your home (e.g. contemporary, vintage, etc.) Choose tab top or grommet drapes with an attractive decorative rod for a clean and modern look. Opt for a rod pocket panels for an easy and classic look or combine these with valances. Hang pinch pleated drapes using traverse rods for a classic and more formal style.

3) Mount new curtain rods or tracks on your windows, as necessary for the drapery treatments you have chosen.

[... to be continued]

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Sep 16, 2011

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Sep 15, 2011

Announcing our New Fabric Arrivals!

We’ve added eight new luxurious fabrics to our collection.
These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous!

Deauville Hunter

Fiji Antique

Fiji Celery

Fiji Hunter

Isabella Candlelight

Isabella Platinum

Kashmir Topaz

Rafael Silver

Check our Fabrics page often as we are continually adding new fabrics. Since 1954, our family at Factory Direct Drapes™ has specialized in providing products that are well known for high quality and long lasting durability. However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We are also completely dedicated to excellent customer service and satisfaction.

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Sheer Drapes for Privacy

Sheers are light-weight, almost see-through fabric that you can hang over your windows or use beneath your drapes. The simple beauty and classy elegancy of sheers gives a delicate look to the entire room. Sheers let the light come into your home while giving the privacy you need making them excellent for rooms that need lots of natural light. It let’s you see people outside of your window but people can’t see you from outside of your home. They are also quite economical compared to other variety of window coverings.

Adding sheers beneath your drapes not only make your drapes more elegant and luxurious, it’ll also make your drapes last longer. Sheers act as protective barrier between the bright sunlight and your drapes. It protects your drapes from the damaging sunlight that gives your drape that worn look appearance. Sheers help your drapes looking like new for over 10 years or longer. offers sheers in variety of styles and colors of white, ivory, taupe and burgundy. It also comes in a fire-retardant material which gives the extra protection you need for your home and family. The next time you buy a drape, be sure to consider adding a sheer beneath it. A drape and a sheer make an exceptional combination!

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Sep 13, 2011

Fire-retardant Drapes for your Home

While all commercial spaces need to meet strict fire codes, homeowners don’t have such restrictions. Common sites requiring fire-retardant window treatments include any public domains such as schools, colleges, senior housing, theaters and stages, meeting halls, churches etc. However, with the holidays around the corner, your fireplaces, candles and Christmas lights will start getting some use and many people feel safer having their draperies in fire-retardant fabrics.

In the U.S., the most widely followed standard to determine fire resistance in drape and curtain fabric is the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 701 standard. Under NFPA 701, drapery fabric is tested by burning a small sample and measuring the flame, char length and flaming residue. If a fabric is not sufficiently flame resistant to meet a standard, the fabric is labeled Non Flame Retardant (NFR). Fabrics that meet a self-extinguishing standard are categorized as Flame Retardant (FR), Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR), or Durably Flame Retardant (DFR).

Flame Retardant (FR) type of fabric is woven with threads such that, initially, the fabric did not meet fire code. In order to meet fire code, the fabric was treated with a flame retarding chemical so that the end product does meet code.

Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) type of fabric is woven with threads (fiber or filament) that yield a product that meets fire code without any further treatment or finishing such as monoacrylic fiber. Additionally, the safe expectation is that the fabric will remain sufficiently flame retardant for its lifetime even after repeated washings.

Durably Flame Retardant (DFR) type of fabric is woven with threads that are flame resistant but not enough. Instead of adding a FR chemical to stick to the surface of the thread, however, the manufacturer adds an FR compound that chemically binds with the fiber composition. The FR chemical not only is bound to the fabric chemically but is not water soluble and, therefore, cannot be removed from the fabric by washing (except in a special chemical bath).

Beware of buying fire-retardant drapes and curtains that are chemically treated. The fire retardancy on those will disappear when they are cleaned.

All of the Fire-Retardant drapery fabrics by are inherently fire-retardant (IFR). Choose from our wide selection of beautiful fire-retardant fabrics in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, lined, unlined and sheers. Also, ANY drape fabric we carry can have an inherently fire-retardant lining attached to it. Consider flame-retardancy before choosing your fabric especially if it's for a nursery or bedroom.

For more information on drapery fabric flame retardancy regulations, please visit the National Fire Protection Association website at

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Sep 12, 2011

Choosing Drapes over Blinds

Despite the numerous window covering options on the market today, drapes continue to represent a large segment of what most consumers select for use in their home. There are several reasons why drapes are a desirable and smart choice: 1) Looks – Drapes have been used for centuries for their luxurious looks. Nothing is more beautiful than a large full set of curtains draped from a window with a hint of light peeking through. Drapes come in every kind of fabric, color and size imaginable. It can be created to your specifications so it fits your window perfectly and can be a focal point for a room’s décor. 2) Privacy – Drapes provide superior privacy because they enable you to literally close the world out. Mini blinds and vertical blinds all have multiple “open gaps” where people can see into your home or room if they are so inclined. When you close a drape there are no openings or gaps. They also make your room more comfortable and cozy. 3) Insulation – Drapes absolutely guarantee the very best insulation value equally for both winter cold and summer heat. Windows are the central point in a room where air escapes or enters. Most experts in residential insulation agree that drapes, particularly lined drapes, consistently deliver the best insulation of any window covering. Their rating value is as high as 50% plus with blinds only offering about 10% insulation. 4) “Cozy factor” – although this may sound like a joke it isn’t; blinds, verticals, and even those extremely expensive shutters all are considered to be hard coverings and as such seem to many people cold and office like in appearance. However, drapes are soft, warm, and inviting thereby making you and your guests feel comfortable. 5) Cleanability - drapes simply show dust and dirt a lot less than any other type of window covering. Blinds require frequent cleaning as they are magnets for dust. Unless you are in the mood to repetitively clean, always stick with drapes for your home. 6) Longest lasting – no other window covering lasts longer than a drape. A lined drape can last ten to fifteen years or longer! You can’t beat that with anything else. These are just a few of the reasons why buying drape makes sense and can actually save you money with utility costs, cleaning expense and time, and superior durability that prevents damage and replacement costs.

At, you can purchase drapes, curtains and valances direct from the manufacturer. This saves you up to 80% off retail mark-up. You simply won’t find lower price drapes, curtains and valances online!

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Sep 9, 2011

50% off custom drapes at

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Fall cleaning your Drapes

Fall cleaning your home is just as important as the traditional spring cleaning. Now is a good time to deep clean your house for a healthier and comfortable winter home. During fall cleaning, curtains and draperies are often overlooked. This happens because the window treatments still look clean even though they’ve been hanging for years.

Draperies and curtains may not show soil for years and a lot of people believe drapes should only be cleaned when they look dirty yet drapes collect an immense amount of dust, oil, pollution, smoke, pollen, heating fumes and bacteria over time. That’s why drapery cleaning is certainly a necessary part of your fall cleaning.

In general, it is advisable to clean your draperies as seldom as possible to prevent ruining the fabric. When it becomes necessary to clean them, however, professional dry cleaning is the preferred method. Only a small percentage of fabrics can be laundered. The tighter the weave of the fabric, the more stable the material should be in cleaning. All cotton fabrics are generally not as stable as a mix or blend in terms of shrinkage. For example, cotton/polyester or cotton/rayon are good choices for stable (prone to minimal shrinkage) drapes. You will want to find a cleaner that has some specialization and experience in cleaning drapes. They have equipment specifically designed for draperies. You can also have an on-site drape cleaning specialist come in to your house to clean and freshen your drapes. These professionals inject a specially formulated solvent into your drapery under pressure and extract the chemical, leaving your drapes clean. This special process results in no damage or shrinkage to the material.

You should regularly clean your drapes to preserve their life. While using a brush attachment on your vacuum, run it “lightly”up and down the folds and pleats of the drape to remove dust and particles. Weekly vacuum is best but if that is not possible, vacuum your drapes at least once a month. You can also “spot clean” most drapes with a damp soft cloth that has been wrung out. Do not use soap or detergent as is may leave staining around the spot. Dab away moisture with a clean cloth, air-dry. If the fabric has water spots, fade them with the steam from the garment steamer or iron. Use Febreeze to make it smell fresh and clean.

In some cases replacement may be less expensive than cleaning. Buying direct from the manufacturer like at whole prices end up saving money in the long run.

Don’t forget to clean your windows, including the window sills!

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Sep 2, 2011

Ready-made versus custom drapes

Unlike ready made drapes, custom made drapes are created to your specifications so your treatments fit your window and style.

Look around your room and determine whether your style is more traditional or more modern. You would want to pick a drape style that would complement your room decor and color scheme. When you're in doubt, try to stay with a neutral color drape. This allows you to later change the furniture or even wall color and not have to replace the window treatment again. A neutral color drape blends in with almost anything. So, consider off white fabrics, whites, earth tones, etc.

Most designers advocate having draperies custom-made because with ready-made drapes you're not only limited in sizing, they are also not as full or rich-looking and may not be lined. At you can choose any fabric and drapery styles for your custom-drapes.

Our free "Virtual Room Designer" lets you try different stunning drape and valance styles. It allows you to match the wall, flooring, and furniture colors in your home to drape fabrics so you can see exactly how it would look before you purchase it.

Custom drapes are a little more expensive than ready-mades. Buying direct from the factory or manufacturer like will save you the costly 50-80% mark-up many retail stores and decorators add onto the product cost.

For more information on custom draperies or to use this free design tool go to

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Sep 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall Decorating

Start getting ready for fall with these quick tips for transitioning your home from summer to fall!

1) Replace candles, table linens, centerpieces and other accessories with accents in warmer colors like burnt oranges, reds, golden yellows and greens.

2) Add a wreath to your home decor. Fall leaves accentuated with berries makes a perfect wreath to welcome the beautiful fall season.

3) For outdoor entertaining, greet your guests with plant arrangements using fall leaves, indian corns, mini pumpkins and gourds.

4) Decorate your mantle with a garland of fall leaves. Finish off with candles or small vases in fall colors.

5) Create fall floral arrangements for your entry way or dining table. Fall flowers can include late summer flowers such as sunflowers and carnations. You can also include berries and other earth-toned blooms and grasses.

6) Take down thin laces and sheers and replace them with rich, earthy, fall color curtains. offers a wide variety of custom drapes at competitive prices which makes it easy and affordable to create a fresh look and feel in your room. Try using heavier, dark colored fabrics in the fall and winter for a warm effect.

One of our favorite fall color fabric is the Window Pane Mango.

Check out our variety of fabrics in breathtaking yellow, gold and orange colors perfect for your fall decorating.

What kind of projects are your working for fall?

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