Jan 30, 2007

A little info about fire retardant drapery fabrics.
Both the California State Fire Marshall as well as the federal NFPA 701 standards require the use of fire-retardant or flame- resistant drapery fabrics in certain housing settings. Such situations usually involve housing which is federally subsidized such as many of the HUD facilities, senior residences, or public areas.
If you place non fire-retardant or resistant draperies in these units or public areas, you may be subject to citation, fine, or revocation of continued subsidies.
Fire-retardant drapery fabrics also have great use in other ways as well. For example, many fire-retardant fabrics provide thick, rich, elegant appearing draperies. This type of drapery tends to wear well, while providing long-term durability. Also, these fabrics often come in a greater selection of weaves, patterns, and textures than their counterparts of regular contract draperies for normal apartment use.
Even if you only purchase fire retardant fabrics only for their more pleasing appearance, you gain the added benefit of fire protection for both your tenants and your property.
However, a few words of warning are in order. First, be sure to only buy fire-retardant drapery fabrics that are inherently flame-resistant or fire-proof. This means the fiber itself will not sustain or continue to flame. For example, draperies constructed with modacrylic material would be an excellent choice. You absolutely do not want to waste money buying a drapery fabric that has been artificially treated or one subjected to a chemical in order to make it fire-retardant.
Usually, this type of treatment can easily be inadvertently lost after only one or two cleanings as it literally washes out the drapery. The result, in this case, is you could end up with a drapery that is no longer fire-retardant.
There are literally dozens upon dozens of beautiful fire-retardant drapery fabrics. Again, these can often be used simply as an alternative when a nicer or more elegant drapery is needed for your apartments. Do not limit yourself with small drapery vendors who can only offer you one or two of the same old tired look-alike choices with fire-retardant draperies.
Why limit your selection? There are washable fire-retardant draperies, insulated ones, open weaves, closed weaves, plus many, many more.
By Paul Russo

Jan 19, 2007

Factory Drapes is putting together a web-site for Factory Bargain Drapes. www.factorybargaindrapes.com. We will be adding all kind of new features and fabrics to the site. We will have video on decorating and measuring and all things drapery oriented. Keep a look out for this in early February.

Jan 9, 2007

Once again Factory Drapes is in the top 10 picks for online stores on HGTV Marketplace. Our company will be featured in the upcoming newsletter going out to over 2 million people. Our Pocket Top Sheers are the featured Window Treatment. When HGTV’s marketplace gets a completely new design or product it is then posted as a featured item on their site.

Jan 4, 2007

Factory Drapes has Organic Fabrics

There are several important reasons why 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric and drapes continue to substantially grow in popularity.

Environmentally, green and eco-friendly construction and products are on the rise. Consumers are vitally interested in supporting products that are healthier and ones which protect the increasingly fragile environment and planet.

But, you don’t necessarily have to be an environmentalist to appreciate organic drapes. There are other people who want 100% Certified Organic Cotton drapes because they are sensitive to chemicals that may be found in dyes or those suffering from allergies. People with respiratory issues, like asthma, would also benefit from “organic cotton drapes”.

Many individuals are looking for or organic foods and natural products. Nothing is more natural or comforting than 100% organic cotton.

Some of you may also have infants or small children and feel more comfortable with natural un-dyed and non-chemically treated, 100% organic, pure cotton drapes in their bedrooms or family rooms. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it doesn’t it?

What is Certified Organic Cotton?

100% Certified Organic Cotton means cotton plants grown in fields that were not chemically treated or sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful substances for three or more years. With organic drapes, it also means that the drape fabric was not subjected to chemical treatments or harmful dyes during the processing and finishing of the material.

Organic cotton is basically softer, more durable, and healthier for humans and out environment.

The use of “Certified Organic Cotton” drapes helps:

- Eliminate contamination in soil, air, and water supply
- Supports a system of sustainable agriculture
- Supports the incidence of chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma, rashes, and other health issues for both farmers and consumers alike

Organic cotton drapes are a great choice for those persons that are concerned about our fragile environment and sustainable agriculture; people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses; or those desiring clean air and natural products in your home both for yourselves and children.

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