Nov 30, 2011

Last Chance for Black Friday Savings!

Today is your last chance for our Black Friday Savings! Take advantage of the time remaining to save 50% off our custom drapes plus FREE matching custom pillow (a $40 value).

Discount code is: 50FP1111
Good through Nov. 30, 2011

Simply enter the code exactly as it appears in the Discount Code field located on the Shopping Cart. Then, click on apply to see your discount deducted from your order subtotal at the right. Your FREE PILLOW will be automatically shipped with your order. (You don't have to add the FREE pillow in your shipping cart) If you forgot to enter your Discount Code during checkout or if you want to place your order by phone please call us toll-free at 1-866-713-7273. Make sure you mention this discount code.

Nov 25, 2011

Black Friday Sale: 50% off custom drapes + FREE PILLOW ($40 value)

Happy Black Friday! It's that time of the year again where most of our customers are looking for bargains. Here at, you can score a great deal with us this week. It’s 50% off our custom drapes in every style or fabric plus we’ll include a FREE matching custom pillow (a $40 value) with your order placed today Nov. 25 until Monday Nov. 28.

Discount code is: 50FP1111
Good through Nov. 28, 2011

Simply enter the code exactly as it appears in the Discount Code field located on the Shopping Cart. Then, click on apply to see your discount deducted from your order subtotal at the right. Your FREE PILLOW will be automatically shipped with your order. (You don't have to add the FREE pillow in your shipping cart) If you forgot to enter your Discount Code during checkout or if you want to place your order by phone please call us toll-free at 1-866-713-7273. Make sure you mention this discount code.

Nov 23, 2011

Decorating your windows for the Holidays

Decorating your windows for the holidays creates the perfect holiday atmosphere to the interior and exterior of your home. There are a number of ways you decorate your windows for your favorite holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make your windows light up during the holidays by hanging lights around it. You can also place a flameless battery operated candles on windowsills to make your home feel more inviting. Replace sheers and lightweight drapes with heavier fabrics such as red velvet drapes for Christmas. Use tree ornaments as tie backs. Then simply wrap the drapery rod with a lighted garland or place the garland on top of it. You can also add a window scarf or valance that matches or complements your drapes. Apply window stickers or decals in the form of snowflakes for a winter wonderland effect. Don’t forget to hang a decorative wreath outside your window. They make your guests and visitors feel welcome before they even enter your home during the holidays and brighten up your home any time of the year.


Why buy American made Drapes?

In today’s economy when most Americans are losing their jobs to other countries or are being paid less and less, it’s becoming of greater concern to most Americans to purchase products made in the United States. When Americans buy more American made products, the demand for them will increase. As a result, more factories or plants will be developed and many job opportunities will be available. This will keep the US economy and its citizens financially healthy.

When you buy American made drapes from, you will not only keep American’s working, you will also receive several distinct advantages:

  1. American made quality. manufactures one of the highest quality drapes available on the market today. Our long time employees take pride in furnishing customers with outstanding well made products.

  2. Drapes built to last 10 to 15 years. All of our fabric is first quality goods. We never use seconds or shoddy material. uses "steel" plated pins/ hooks at the top of the drape, the strongest and most cleanable crinoline or stiffener in the headings, and super strong "sun resistant" thread so that your drapes last longer.

  3. Lifetime warranties. delivers a "Lifetime Warranty" on all workmanship, sewing and seams. We will either repair or replace any drape found to be defective as a result of poor workmanship or materials at no exta charge. will also cover all the shipping costs.

  4. Environmentally safe and lead free. Many imported products contain dangerous levels of offers eco-friendly drapery fabrics. The cotton used to make Our Certified Organic Cotton Drapes was grown in fields that were not chemically treated or sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful substances for three or more consecutive years.

  5. Factory direct whole-sale allows you to purchase drapes, curtains, and valances direct from us, the manufacturer. This saves you up to 50-80% off retail mark-up.

Buy American Made Drapes and Save American Jobs!

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Nov 21, 2011

Different Types of Valances for your Windows:

Valances are window treatments that can be used alone or layered over drapes to top-off, finish or highlight your windows. Valances can also provide additional insulation value by preventing cold or hot air from entering or escaping from the top of your window treatments. There are many different styles of valances. Here are some of the most popular ones that offers.

Pinch Pleated ValancePinch pleated valances are ideal for more formal areas of your home because of its sophisticated shape. Use with traverse rod.

Balloon ValanceBalloon valances got their name from their ballooned appearance when hanged. It softens the look of the room. Simply stuff the balloon valance after it arrives with crumpled tissue paper and make adjustments in gathers to establish the balloon effect. Use with 2” balloon valance rod.

Continental valanceContinental valances are characterized by its stylish swags and cascades. Use with extra-wide 4” rods called continental rods.

Embassy valanceEmbassy valances are known for its gathered fabric without any ruffles for a sleek and clean appearance. Use with extra wide 4” rods called continental rods.

Halo valanceHalo valances are custom short curtains created to be a valance. They have beautiful ruffles at top and the fabric gathers across the valance rod. They add a uniform and classic look. The halo valances require a 2" balloon valance rod.

Scarf valance - Scarf valances are "free form" valances that create clean pleat lines and a gracefully, flowing appearance.

Choose the right type of valance to complement the style of your window treatments.

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Nov 17, 2011

Lower your Utility Costs with Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes, insulated drapes, energy saving drapes, whatever you call them can save you energy costs all year round. These drapes keep the cold air from leaking into your house during the winter and block out the sun, making your room cooler during the summer. According to an Energy Study conducted by University of Texas, adding insulated drapes to a single glazed window reduces heat loss by 56% (48% for double glazed windows). It also provides complete privacy, muffles sound and lasts longer than any other window treatments. If you have a lot of windows, thermal drapes are a good investment. There are a number of styles of thermal drapes you can choose in a wide array of fabrics to match the décor of your house. offers Thermal Drapes that not only insulates against heat and color but is 100% blackout, flame retardant and sound insulator. The fabric and drapes are both manufactured in the US. These are same quality material we supply to the hotels and motels and are now made available to you at a factory-direct price. To order Thermal drapes simply choose the lined drapery styles, then add blackout lining for superior insulation.

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Nov 15, 2011

Drapes for Shorter Windows

The majority of windows in homes are actually custom sizes. This is why ready-made drapes rarely fit your windows properly. Investing in custom drapes is very important because they are made to perfectly fit the exact size of your windows. One trick to make a shorter window appear larger is to use longer drapes. Install the rods and finials just below your ceiling and allow the panels to “puddle” or hang down extra long on the floor. This will create the illusion of height, making your entire space feel more open and inviting. No matter what shape and size your windows are, can create custom drapes that will make your windows hide its flaws.

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Nov 10, 2011

Benefits of custom drapes

The following are just a few reasons to choose custom drapes and curtains over store bought:

  1. The lining can make the difference. Custom drapes are typically lined making them fuller and heavier whereas unlined store bought curtains are not lined. Of course, there are some store bought curtains that are lined but most of them are lined with thin low-thread count fabric. standard lining is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The cotton makes it soft to the touch and the polyester allows it to block the sun in the best way possible making your drapes more durable and longer lasting.

  2. Tailored to your specific requirements. Custom drape means you get exactly what you want. You get the exact style, the exact size, the exact color. They are made to fit your windows and doors avoiding the need to pin loosely fitting drapes. Store bought window treatments are designed for the masses and it is often difficult to find the exact style, color and size needed forcing you to settle with something that doesn’t necessarily match your specific needs. Some of the custom drapes offers are pinch pleated, tab top, grommet and so much more. We carry a wide variety of fabrics in many shades, colors and textures giving you endless custom options that most store bought curtains don’t offer.

  3. Wise investment. The average person keeps their custom drapery more than severs years whereas store bought one’s typically need to be replaced every two years. custom lined drapes will last a lifetime and we stand by that fact with a "Lifetime Warranty" that guarantees your drape will be free from defects due to faulty workmanship or materials forever.

  4. Value. Custom drapes pay for themselves over the years. It also increases your home value. Purchasing directly from our factory allows you to cut out the middle-man for enormous savings.

Our family and numerous long time employees take great pride in furnishing our customers with custom drapes to fit any window and complement any decor. Our products proudly are all hand-made in America. Call toll-free at 1-866-713-7273. Our experienced staff can guide you in selecting the styles and fabrics that are right for your home.

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Nov 9, 2011

Increase your Home Value with Custom Drapes

Every homeowner should learn how to increase the value of his/her home so he/she can maximize any returns on investment when it comes to selling. There are so many ways one can do to increase the property value of their home and some can cost a lot of money. Installing new drapes are one of the affordable ways to add value to a house. Research shows that homes with quality window treatments sell better. Buyers are more often looking for homes that already have beautiful drapes. Drapes help reduce noise, improve insulation and make a house look more elegant inside and out increasing the home’s perceived value to the buyers. Check out today to view the great selections that will add more value to your home.

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Nov 4, 2011

50% off custom drapes at!

Decorating your Living Room for Thanksgiving

The living room is usually the room that guests first see. This is the reason why you want your living room to give a Thanksgiving welcome with its style and decor. A thanksgiving theme would include fall autumn colors such as deep reds, warm oranges, golden yellows, earthy browns and forest greens. You can also create the feeling of fall by using pine cones, acorns, gourds and pumpkins to create centerpieces and decorative accents. One of the easiest ways to transform your living room for Thanksgiving is to change the color of your drapes into a richer fall color. If you have blinds, you can hang a drape on top of it to create a more cozy feeling in your home. You can also purchase or make your own fall wreath using branches, twigs and fall leaves to hang on your wall.

Decorating your living room for Thanksgiving is a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. Involve everyone in your household and get into the holiday spirit.

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Nov 2, 2011

Puddle drapes

Puddle Drapes are drapes that hang down extra long and gather on the floor below the window. This style of length creates a beautiful, flowing look which is great for formal dining rooms and living rooms.

Drapes puddled in the old days as a means for the rich family to show how wealthy they are, that they could afford to puddle expensive fabrics on the floor. This “mid-century” look is now becoming popular with boutique hotels because of its elegance and luxurious look.

If you prefer for your drapes to puddle, use a height that is 6-10 inches beyond the floor or carpeting. Generally we only recommend puddling for decorative drapes. If your drapes are going to be opened and closed regularly, puddling is not recommended as the bottoms of the drapes will get dirty very quickly or even ruined.

Factory Direct Drapes™ Puddle Drapes are available in hundreds of fabrics and styles. Add blackout lining for superior insulation and privacy.

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