Jun 14, 2007

Factory Drapes has Organic Fabrics

There are several important reasons why 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric and drapes continue to substantially grow in popularity.

Environmentally, green and eco-friendly construction and products are on the rise. Consumers are vitally interested in supporting products that are healthier and ones which protect the increasingly fragile environment and planet.

But, you don’t necessarily have to be an environmentalist to appreciate organic drapes. There are other people who want 100% Certified Organic Cotton drapes because they are sensitive to chemicals that may be found in dyes or those suffering from allergies. People with respiratory issues, like asthma, would also benefit from “organic cotton drapes”.

Many individuals are looking for or organic foods and natural products. Nothing is more natural or comforting than 100% organic cotton.

Some of you may also have infants or small children and feel more comfortable with natural un-dyed and non-chemically treated, 100% organic, pure cotton drapes in their bedrooms or family rooms. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it doesn’t it?

What is Certified Organic Cotton?

100% Certified Organic Cotton means cotton plants grown in fields that were not chemically treated or sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful substances for three or more years. With organic drapes, it also means that the drape fabric was not subjected to chemical treatments or harmful dyes during the processing and finishing of the material.

Organic cotton is basically softer, more durable, and healthier for humans and out environment.

The use of “Certified Organic Cottondrapes helps:

- Eliminate contamination in soil, air, and water supply
- Supports a system of sustainable agriculture
- Supports the incidence of chemical sensitivity, allergies, asthma, rashes, and other health issues for both farmers and consumers alike

Organic cotton drapes are a great choice for those persons that are concerned about our fragile environment and sustainable agriculture; people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, respiratory illnesses; or those desiring clean air and natural products in your home both for yourselves and children.

Jun 8, 2007

Jun 7, 2007

Factory Bargain Drapes™ Launches New Low Cost Drapery & Curtain Website

San Francisco Bay Area (June 6, 2007) – Factory Bargain Drapes™ Offers 50-80% Off Most Retail Store Prices on Drapery and Curtains

Since 1954, Factory Bargain Drapes has specialized in providing drapes, curtains, and rods that are well known for high quality craftsmanship and long lasting durability. Before offering their drapes, curtains, and rods to the public, they have supplied retailers, interior decorators, and home improvement centers for many decades. Today, the only website where the public can purchase direct from the factory, announces the launch of a revolutionary new website that will change the way you purchase drapery and curtains online.

Factory Bargain Drapes™ completely re-designed their website from the ground up. One of the most difficult tasks for most do-it-yourself homeowners is understanding how to measure for drapes. Now, customers can view an online video showing them exactly how to buy drapes using step-by-step process. The improved navigation and search feature allow customers to find the products they are looking for in a merely a couple of clicks. The new Hot Deals section allows customer to find outrageous closeouts at rock-bottom prices. An advanced Frequently Asked Question section now provides answers to nearly every question pertinent to ordering drapery and curtains online. Don't like searching through help topics to find an answer? Live Chat allows them to directly interact with customers to provide instant answers to questions and advice while browsing or ordering online. Factory Bargain Drapes™ has made drastic changes to make the experience of buying drapery and curtains online as painless and enjoyable as possible, but they don’t just stop there!

Factory Bargain Drapes™ delivers unmatched value and quality. Their family and numerous long time employees take great pride in furnishing customers with outstanding well made products for over 50 years! When it comes to quality, you cannot find any better drapes and curtains than the ones they literally “hand made”

For more information on Factory Bargain Drapes™ new website, visit www.factorybargaindrapes.com.

About Factory Bargain Drapes™

Since 1954, the family at Factory Bargain Drapes™ has specialized in providing products that are well known for high quality and long lasting durability. Factory Bargain Drapes™ is completely dedicated to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Before offering drapes and fabric window treatments to the public, Factory Bargain Drapes™ has supplied retailers, interior decorators, and home improvement centers for many decades. Experience the difference buying factory direct from the experts.

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